Drawing Fine exhibition at Gallery 139

Drawing Fine exhibition at Gallery 139


Drawing Fine

01 – 18, April 2015 | Gallery 139

OFFICIAL OPENING: Wednesday 1 April, 5-7pm
ARTISTS: Ben Kenning, Caelli-Jo Brooker, Damien Slevin, Judy Henry, John Moroney, Olivia Parsonage, Peter Lankas, Peter Read and Toni Amidy

“…Drawing is fundamental to an artist’s development and is often used as a means to progress onto final piece of work.  However, in this exhibition, Drawing is the subject matter.  The nine (9) artists involved in this exhibition are all coming from different backgrounds and their drawings are as distinctive and intriguing as their individual art practices. This is sure to be an exciting 3rd exhibition at Gallery 139.

Drawing and making marks on paper is such a fundamental part of being an artist. I think it’s the most important part, even if your final art form is far removed from the messy studio space of a painter or printmaker. Drawing leads the way to understanding an artist’s reasons for making, it assists in sorting through ideas and solidifies final compositions. An artist needs drawing like oxygen to truly start producing worthwhile art.

Drawing lines; light and dark, soft and hard together on paper using pencils, ink, pastel, watercolour, oil stick etc can, once melded together in the hand’s of a practising artist, yield the most amazing results. Abstract or figurative, drawing for drawing’s sake can never be taken for granted.

Coming up next in the gallery, is Drawing Fine which presents this to an audience who is willing to embrace Drawing in all its finery. Starting on Wednesday 1 April, the gallery will be open from 10am and no silly April Fool’s jokes will be required to enter…”

~ Ahn Wells (curator)

The exhibition will run until 18 April 2015.

Drawing Fine is a gallery curated exhibition.

GALLERY 139 is located at 139A Beaumont St Hamilton NSW 2303

Drawing Fine at www.gallery139.com.au

Caelli-Jo Brooker Words and Origami: Box 2015 pencil, crayon, acrylic, ink & collage on paper, 55cm x 42cm

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