iJADE Conference 2014: Collaborative Practices in Arts Education

iJADE: 2014Collaborative Practices in Arts Education24th - 25th October 2014 | Tate LiverpoolMy collaborator Yvette Sullivan and I have been fortunate to be invited to speak at the 2014 iJADE conference on collaborative practices in Arts Education.Despite the prevailing dogmas of individualism and competition, collaboration, partnerships and collective activity have continued to thrive in arts practices. This year's iJADE conference will focus on collaboration in arts education, and invites papers that investigate this theme.Collaboration strands...changes in the way that we think about collaboration; the ethics of collaboration; young people as researchers/artists within collaborative practices; collaborative funding; international creative partnerships; scholl…

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What is Design again?

What is Design again? some of the the macro to the micro slides...When asked to communicate what I felt Design was to new First Year Visual Communication Design students I thought it might be worth trying to look holistically and suggest that Design is both a macro and a micro proposition and everything between.I tried to accomplish this visually by looking first on a universal scale, then a global scale, then a National, City, block, building, room, object, image, typography etc.Design encompasses both the very big picture – the great idea, the brilliant concept and grand visionbut it is also in…

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