Conditional @ Acrux Art Gallery

EXHIBITIONConditionalNew work by Caelli Jo Brooker, Alison Smith and Ahn WellsThursday 02 November – Saturday 24 November 2017 |  Acrux Art GalleryOFFICIAL OPENING: Saturday 04 November, from 4pmIn Conditional, Caelli Jo Brooker, Alison Smith and Ahn Wells are drawn together for a second time as a trio, to share their most recent work, and explore conditions of making and creative practice. In this way, Conditional takes for its inspiration the unique and overlapping conditions of their lives, professions and practices.The process of exhibiting collectively, and the curious connections made across three distinctly different creative practices, have surprised and inspired each artist.Navigating the connections…

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Turning Over @ Art Systems Wickham

EXHIBITIONTurning OverCaelli Jo Brooker, Alison Smith and Ahn WellsFriday 18 November – Sunday 27 November 2016  |  Art Systems WickhamOFFICIAL OPENING: Saturday 19 November, from 3pmTurning Over features new work by three Newcastle based artists Caelli Jo Brooker, Alison Smith and Ahn Wells, whose recent explorations into sculpture, photo media and painting have prompted the group to exhibit together. The exhibition’s title references multiple thematic aspects of the work for exhibition through evoking the turn from day to night, and from two to three dimensions, as well as the shift towards spherical structures, diurnal cycles and expanded scales of focus. Turning Over also represents the amount of both calendar…

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Not Just Collage @ Gallery 139

EXHIBITIONNot Just CollageWednesday 03 February – Saturday 20 February 2016  |  Gallery 139OFFICIAL OPENING: Saturday 6 February, 2-4pmA gallery curated exhibition exploring the art form created by the simple act of cutting and glueing things together and onto a surface to make an artwork. It first became recognised as a form of artistic expression during the Synthetic Cubism period. Think Picasso and Braque. Collage became an important tool for the Dadaists and throughout Surrealism and eventually found a forefather in the art of Kurt Schwitters. This exhibition celebrates the wonderfully liberating use of mixed media used by the exhibiting artists…

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Connection Exhibition at CStudios

EXHIBITIONConnection08 – 30 August 2015 | CStudiosOFFICIAL OPENING: Saturday 08 August, 2pmARTISTS: Caelli Jo Brooker, Gail Brown, Ruth Chapman, Ileana Clarke, Joyce Clulow, Ros Elkin, Gianna Fallavollita, Linda Greedy, Jeanne Harrison, Judy Henry, Maria Hine, Robin Hundt, Helene Leane, Caroline Lobsey, Margaret Randall, Greg Salter, Susan Hall-Thompson, Cherie Wren"Greenway Gallery* on Swan Street, Morpeth, began its existence as an Artist Run Initiativein 2007. It was founded by a group of dedicated and enthusiastic artists who had met at NewcastleArt School (TAFE Hunter Street Campus).Caroline Lobsey (owner and director), along with Mandy Davies, Ileana Clarke, Roslyn Elkin and Karen Ma (the…

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Drawing Fine exhibition at Gallery 139

EXHIBITIONDrawing Fine01 – 18, April 2015 | Gallery 139OFFICIAL OPENING: Wednesday 1 April, 5-7pmARTISTS: Ben Kenning, Caelli-Jo Brooker, Damien Slevin, Judy Henry, John Moroney, Olivia Parsonage, Peter Lankas, Peter Read and Toni Amidy"...Drawing is fundamental to an artist's development and is often used as a means to progress onto final piece of work.  However, in this exhibition, Drawing is the subject matter.  The nine (9) artists involved in this exhibition are all coming from different backgrounds and their drawings are as distinctive and intriguing as their individual art practices. This is sure to be an exciting 3rd exhibition at Gallery…

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Un-Western Inventions… drawings

Un-Western Inventions are a series of work underway for Abstraction Now – a group exhibition featuring Anne McLaughlin, Alison Smith, Bruce Roxburgh, Lezlie Tilley, Ahn Wells, Priya Joy and myself, opening soon at Newcastle Art Space.14 Drawings of Somewhere Else, 2014crayon on paper 30 x 21cm (each)

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Lost in Translation @ The University Gallery

PhD Exhibition | Lost in Translation: the materialisation of the mark in the digital ageLOST IN TRANSLATION, forms the exhibition component of my Doctor of Philosophy (Fine Art) thesis @ Newcastle Uni GalleryOPENING Saturday 1 FEBRUARY from 2pmThis creative work draws on individual experience in the fields of art and design, and extends an ongoing investigation into the abstract gestural mark, involving interwoven streams of material investigation and association across drawing, design, printmaking, painting, sculpture and artists’ books.In exploring multiple themes and concepts, Lost in Translation presents a personal response to the question of how mark-making might materialise in light…

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Graphicality Catalogue

artist statementThe making of a single line which immediately implies the divide between ground and ‘not-ground’ and the ontological contrast of mark and non-mark, is where intent resides and the experience of mark-making begins. The line, the mark, the scrawl, the scratch, the grapheme, the trace, the scribble, the drawing, the graphic; at once delineated and designed, spontaneous and considered.Graphicality is evoked within this body of work as a quality of line, an explicitly diagrammatic, painted, written, formed, designed and drawn mark. These works refers to that graphical line and the shapes circumscribed and explored by it – particularly the rhizome.In…

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Year of the Bird @ MRAG – progress

Some preliminary sketches for my large paper work for Year of the Bird."...Our relationship with the bird is complex. We have a long cultural history of using birds decoratively, symbolically, narratively, allegorically and consuming them literally and metaphorically through advertising, art, commerce and fashion. My work for Year of the Bird borrows from mythological, literary and popular culture representations of birds and re-imagines them in abstracted imaginary ‘field studies’. These large scale painted drawings are also personal interpretations of the museological and presentational aspects of natural history traditions, incorporating abstract note-taking, anatomy and typography. References to these borrowed traditions are…

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Gunyah Artist Residency

Gunyah is an artist residency in North Arm Cove, NSW, generously coordinated by Kath Fries. You can see her work at and www.kathfries.comAndy Devine and I spent a great week collaborating at Gunyah this

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20:20 Vision

20:20 Vision curated by Graham Wilson@ Art Systems Wickham20 creatives, 20 visions of Newcastle in 2020Caelli Jo BrookerNobbys Island Casino I & II  2012oil, acrylic and crayon on canvas 100 cm x 80 cm each

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marked difference @ shopfront'Marked Difference' 2012, monotype, ink, oil, acrylic, crayon, thread, paper, card and chenille sticks (photography: Alison Smith)'Marked Difference' 2012, monotype, ink, oil, acrylic, crayon, thread, paper, card and chenille sticks (photography: Alison Smith)'Marked Difference' 2012, monotype, ink, oil, acrylic, crayon, thread, paper, card and chenille sticks (photography: Alison Smith)

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HOT HOUSE @ Front Room

HOT HOUSE @ Front Room11 February - 09 March 2012Artworks by staff of Newcastle Art SchoolCaelli Jo BrookerFolded Crevice/Crevasse 2012 carborundum collograph, ink, thread, paper, crayon artists' book (unique edition)29 cm high x variable dimensionsFolded Crevice/Crevasse 2012 carborundum collograph, ink, thread, paper, crayon artists' book (unique edition)29 cm high x variable dimensionsStudy for Crevice/Crevasse I 2012 monotype, carborundum collograph, acrylic, ink and crayon on paper50 x 40 art school blog - hothouse staff exhibition

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Coast Lines

Cooks Hill GalleriesAugust 2011These works stem from observations of many coasts – not so much the sea itself, but the fringes of the shore, the coastlines, beaches, rock pools, pebbled edges and jetties of many seasides – recalling the baked haze of salty summer beach haunts and the faded glory ofVictorian promenades and pavilioned coastal towns. Foreign seasides recently explored and places always known have both influenced the work for Coast Lines. In this series, Newcastle discerns familiar forms along the Brighton coast and the Hunter Valley finds parallel in the Sussex hinterland. There is a dialogue with shape and a sense…

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To The Cave: a pilgrimage

Watt Space GalleriesMarch 2010"...a creature who walks in two worlds and traces upon the walls of his cave the wonders and the nightmare experiences of his pilgrimage."  Morris West   Mindful of the classical allegory of Plato’s Cave, these new works examine suggestions of representation, interpretation and symbolism. The installed painting and artists’ book also explore notions of subjective reality and contextuality in apprehending meaning.  To The Cave: a pilgrimage 2010 (book detail)monotype artist's book, ink, acrylic, crayon, bitumen, and stitching on paperTo The Cave: a pilgrimage 2010 (installation detail)data projector, file, lights and fragranceTo The Cave: a pilgrimage 2010 (installation detail)data…

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Testing (Sub)Stance

Shopfront GallerySeptember 2009... installed large scale works on paper and an Artists’ Book... The title was a reference to the exploratory nature of the work and the testing of scale and materiality that characterised the pieces for this exhibition...testing sub(stance) 2009monotype, acrylic, ink, oil, wax and crayon on paper, 152 x 223 cmfolding (sub)stance 2009artists’ book: monotype, acrylic, ink, oil, wax and crayon on paper, 32 x 45 x 720 cm (extended)

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Suspended Void

February 2011Suspended Void (series) 2011ink, acrylic, pencil and crayon on paperSuspended Void (series) 2011ink, acrylic, pencil and crayon on paperSuspended Void (series) 2011 (detail)ink, acrylic, pencil and crayon on paper

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Light & Earth

Cooks Hill GalleriesFebruary 2009Bold calligraphy, transforming nature through abstract interpretation and asserting the primacy of gesture in expressing a personal vision of the natural world.“...layers of banksia men cluster in forests of russet, red, gold,charcoal and ochre... rapid primal calligraphy captures the distinctive forms of banksia and other ancient bush blooms... abstract and textured layers of oils, acrylic and crayon drawing the viewer into the dappled light and geometric diversity of the Australian undergrowth." Carolyn Swanson (Newcastle Herald, 2009)Warm Serrata 2009 (detail)oil monotype on paperCrimson Serrata 2009 (detail) oil, acrylic and crayon on board Russet Serrata 2009 oil, acrylic and…

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