Connection Exhibition at CStudios

EXHIBITIONConnection08 – 30 August 2015 | CStudiosOFFICIAL OPENING: Saturday 08 August, 2pmARTISTS: Caelli Jo Brooker, Gail Brown, Ruth Chapman, Ileana Clarke, Joyce Clulow, Ros Elkin, Gianna Fallavollita, Linda Greedy, Jeanne Harrison, Judy Henry, Maria Hine, Robin Hundt, Helene Leane, Caroline Lobsey, Margaret Randall, Greg Salter, Susan Hall-Thompson, Cherie Wren"Greenway Gallery* on Swan Street, Morpeth, began its existence as an Artist Run Initiativein 2007. It was founded by a group of dedicated and enthusiastic artists who had met at NewcastleArt School (TAFE Hunter Street Campus).Caroline Lobsey (owner and director), along with Mandy Davies, Ileana Clarke, Roslyn Elkin and Karen Ma (the…

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Graphicality Catalogue

artist statementThe making of a single line which immediately implies the divide between ground and ‘not-ground’ and the ontological contrast of mark and non-mark, is where intent resides and the experience of mark-making begins. The line, the mark, the scrawl, the scratch, the grapheme, the trace, the scribble, the drawing, the graphic; at once delineated and designed, spontaneous and considered.Graphicality is evoked within this body of work as a quality of line, an explicitly diagrammatic, painted, written, formed, designed and drawn mark. These works refers to that graphical line and the shapes circumscribed and explored by it – particularly the rhizome.In…

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Graphicality @ Greenway Gallery

Graphicality new work by Caelli Jo Brooker @ Greenway Gallery 06, 07, 08 December 2013 Graphicality is a bit of a precursor to the PhD exhibition and a chance to give some of the pieces a little outing before then... -------------------------------- greenway gallery 166 Swan Street Morpeth NSW 2321 hours: mon - thu closed fri - sun 11:00am - 4:00pm phone: 02 4934 6411 --------------------------------

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object d’art @ greenway gallery

Object d'Art06 Jul - 22 Jul 12 2012GREENWAY GALLERY166 Swan StreetMorpeth, NSW 2321Object d'Art is an exhibition of multi-disciplinary works by 17 artists. The use of everyday objects as inspiration for works allows the artist to express their connection to their chosen object in a personal and often humorous way. The 18 artists are Lezlie Tilley, Margaret Randall Joanna O'Toole, Caelli Jo Brooker, Matt Sage, Susan Hall Thompson, Greg Salter, Ros Elkin, Gianna Fallavollita, Cherie Wren, Julianne Ross Allcorn, Wayne Pugh, Ileana Clarke, Karen Ma, Caroline Lobsey, Anthony Clarke, Rhonda Partridge, Kerry CooperCaelli Jo Brooker  Mounds and Vessels 2012recycled plastic…

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