PODzome Pop-Up Exhibition Text

Wall text for the exhibition – PODzome"The rhizome, as envisaged by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, is conceptualised as a mobile and open-ended non-structure that is multi-dimensional, non-prescriptive, self-referential, multiple, contradictory and ever-becoming.Ripe with botanical analogies of self-propagation and untrammelled tuberous growth, the rhizome resists the structurally linear in favour of rhizomatic diversion, organic regeneration, productive affiliation and creative invention. Creativity itself is situated in It is this potential for generative, collective and creative connection suggested by the rhizome, that provides a touchstone for the PODzome exhibition. This is a curatorial convergence – an exhibition that unites multiplicities of practice…

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Popped at The Lock-up

"Over fifteen local favourites have responded to a no-notice call for a pop-up exhibition at The Lock-Up, lifting the lid on their private studio works to offer an exclusive sneak peek at their prevailing obsessions and interests..."Featuring:Eliza Adam    Sally Bourke    Caelli Jo Brooker    Nicole Chaffey    Jen Denzin    Penny Dunstan    Jonathan James    Peter Lankas    Scott Millington    Annemarie Murland    Una Rey    Emily Roberts    Jane Robinson    Peter Tilley    Shan Turner-Carrol    Gillean Shaw    Alison Smith    Ahn Wells13 MARCH - 31 MARCH 2013 Opening Night:  5.30PM - 7.30PM FRIDAY 15 MARCH 2013Well, my contribution was very much just a couple of studies, but some artists contributed…

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