Not Just Collage @ Gallery 139

EXHIBITIONNot Just CollageWednesday 03 February – Saturday 20 February 2016  |  Gallery 139OFFICIAL OPENING: Saturday 6 February, 2-4pmA gallery curated exhibition exploring the art form created by the simple act of cutting and glueing things together and onto a surface to make an artwork. It first became recognised as a form of artistic expression during the Synthetic Cubism period. Think Picasso and Braque. Collage became an important tool for the Dadaists and throughout Surrealism and eventually found a forefather in the art of Kurt Schwitters. This exhibition celebrates the wonderfully liberating use of mixed media used by the exhibiting artists…

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Typographic Origami Newcastle for ART CITY exhibition

ART CITY: OPEN SHOW CELEBRATING WATT SPACE’S 25TH ANNIVERSARY07 – 25 May 2014Co-ordinated by Kathryn Camm, Melanie Smith and Michaela SwanThe statistic that Newcastle has more artists per capita than any other city in Australia has been bandied around for years now. The theme of this year’s Open Show is a celebration of this unique cultural environment and part of the Galleries' 25th Anniversary Celebrations.The anniversary exhibition showcases the variety and breadth of art practice in the city and features over 100 works, including work from current students, graduates, staff and former Watt Space Directors, committee members and exhibitors! The cake was…

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