Thinking/Making: Does making help creative thinking?

EXHIBITIONThinking/Making: Does making help creative thinking? 05 December 2015 – 05 February 2016  |  Curious Projects, Eastbourne, UKAn exhibition of 27 selected artists’ maquettes and models exploring thinking through making.Curious Gallery Winter 2015-16 showRather than showing finished work, this was an exhibition of three-dimensional ‘sketches’, models and maquettes, made as part of the artists’ creative thinking process – either a kind of ‘making’ used purely as a thinking tool and/or as an aid to making actual work.Curious Projects received over 100 entries in response to their 'call for artists' to submit their maquettes and models. The result is a selection of 27 pieces that shows…

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Mapping Collaboration exhibition – 310 NXrd London

EXHIBITIONMapping Collaboration: a participatory art project18 – 21 February 2015 | 310 NXrd Gallery, Goldsmiths, University of London, New Cross, UKMapping Collaboration is a participatory exhibition by Yvette Sullivan and myself that examines creative collaboration and the values of working together.We are interested in how creative collaboration might be imagined from a shared creative community perspective, and how our values for collaboration could be visually expressed, incorporated and mapped. Using the DeleuzoGuattarian rhizome as a structural/non-structural metaphor to explore the non-hierarchical nature of shared experience and collaboration, we hope to map and document contributions to a collective visualisation of the shifting visual…

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iJADE Conference 2014: Collaborative Practices in Arts Education

iJADE: 2014Collaborative Practices in Arts Education24th - 25th October 2014 | Tate LiverpoolMy collaborator Yvette Sullivan and I have been fortunate to be invited to speak at the 2014 iJADE conference on collaborative practices in Arts Education.Despite the prevailing dogmas of individualism and competition, collaboration, partnerships and collective activity have continued to thrive in arts practices. This year's iJADE conference will focus on collaboration in arts education, and invites papers that investigate this theme.Collaboration strands...changes in the way that we think about collaboration; the ethics of collaboration; young people as researchers/artists within collaborative practices; collaborative funding; international creative partnerships; scholl…

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PODzome Pop-Up Exhibition Text

Wall text for the exhibition – PODzome"The rhizome, as envisaged by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, is conceptualised as a mobile and open-ended non-structure that is multi-dimensional, non-prescriptive, self-referential, multiple, contradictory and ever-becoming.Ripe with botanical analogies of self-propagation and untrammelled tuberous growth, the rhizome resists the structurally linear in favour of rhizomatic diversion, organic regeneration, productive affiliation and creative invention. Creativity itself is situated in It is this potential for generative, collective and creative connection suggested by the rhizome, that provides a touchstone for the PODzome exhibition. This is a curatorial convergence – an exhibition that unites multiplicities of practice…

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CHG 40th Birthday Exhibition

CHG 40th Birthday Exhibition13TH SEPTEMBER - 6TH OCTOBER 2014GROUP EXHIBITION - 'CHG'S 40TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS'OPENING & COCKTAIL PARTY: SATURDAY 13TH SEPTEMBER 6-8PM have just delivered a series of works as part of the Cooks Hill Galleries' 40th Anniversary exhibition this month.This series of altered prints extend the cave and rhizome motifs present in my work, and also explore themes of memory and associations with place. The works visually connect Jenolan Caves sites in 1889 and 1989 through the use of images taken from Samuel Cook’s 1889 publication: 'The Jenolan Caves: an excursion in Australian wonderland’ Illustrated with ... plates and…

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Lost in Translation: the review

Done and dusted. The Univesity Gallery has kindly documented the exhibition in their archive and there is a link to the generous review of the show below.The University Gallery exhibition listing The University gallery exhibition archive  The Newcastle Herald exhibition review

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Lost in Translation: the de-install

Taking down the exhibition today, and despite the over-familiarity with many of the works, a few pieces still managed to make me smile.This was one of them... the most spontaneous and last-minute of pairings, with thanks to the very wonderful eye of Alison Smith at the University Gallery. Jo Brooker, Silver Cave Rock and Rhizome, 2013laser cut card, spray paint and found object, 25 x 20 x 3cm

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Out of Hand… progress

Some studies in progress for Out of Hand, a group exhibition exploring different approaches to abstraction.The show will be at Danks Street's Depot II Gallery in August and features the work of Annemarie Murland, A.J. Byrnes, Marika Osmotherly, Mark Elliot-Ranken, Bernadette Smith and myself. (definitely some contrasting approaches there!)Caelli Jo Brooker, Studies for Diagrammatic Rhizomes, 2013oil on paper, 42 x 30 cm eachdfgbfgsfgb

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Materiality and print media: Deleuze and Guattari style

INSERT at Caffestry (PODspace pop-up laneway art events)Friday 3, 10, 17 May 2013 During May PODspace Gallery presented a series of art events in the laneway next to Caffestry in Newcastle East. This was an experiment not only in presenting events outside of the traditional gallery context, but also in bringing different artists together to explore the creative process.The first night saw Misha and Luke Greenhalgh improvise a cross-artform collaboration that involved Misha painting a mural on a wall while responding to Luke’s music. In week two, Neil Mansfield projected his film ‘Street Sweeper’ onto the back wall of the laneway, while Fox…

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Popped at The Lock-up

"Over fifteen local favourites have responded to a no-notice call for a pop-up exhibition at The Lock-Up, lifting the lid on their private studio works to offer an exclusive sneak peek at their prevailing obsessions and interests..."Featuring:Eliza Adam    Sally Bourke    Caelli Jo Brooker    Nicole Chaffey    Jen Denzin    Penny Dunstan    Jonathan James    Peter Lankas    Scott Millington    Annemarie Murland    Una Rey    Emily Roberts    Jane Robinson    Peter Tilley    Shan Turner-Carrol    Gillean Shaw    Alison Smith    Ahn Wells13 MARCH - 31 MARCH 2013 Opening Night:  5.30PM - 7.30PM FRIDAY 15 MARCH 2013Well, my contribution was very much just a couple of studies, but some artists contributed…

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