Copyright Agency Creative Individuals Career Fund

Copyright AgencyCreative Individuals Career Fund OCTOBER 2015I have been fortunate enough to gain funding this October through the Copyright Agency Creative Individuals Career Fund. The CICF supports creative professional skills development, and I will be using the funding to undertake a specific program of intensive practical workshops and mentored studio access in order to develop my professional skills and knowledge in the discipline of letterpress.Acknowledging the convergent historical and contemporary approaches to letterpress, and the unique perspectives and skill sets of each, I hope to connect my understanding through accessing both a traditional, and contemporary workshop within the letterpress community of…

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‘Scaled Downs’ Letterpress Collaboration

'Scaled Downs' Letterpress CollaborationSpent a wonderful Thursday in July working on a collaborative artists' book with Yvette Sullivan and participating in private letterpress workshop with the lovely Sarah Bryant.'Scaled Downs' is a two volume unique edition collaborative artists' book using vintage maps, old textbooks, vintage Sussex walking guidebooks and letterpress techniques to document and map the Sussex downs using auto-ethnographic interpretive methods. The title refers simultaneously to the scale present in cartography, the processes of sizing, climbing hills and the name of the Downs themselves.Our letterpress guide, Sarah Bryant is a designer, printer and binder of original editioned artists’ books.…

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